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30 years of experience in the field of scientific instruments

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30 years of experience in the field of scientific instruments representing exclusively some of the most important manufacturers worldwide, it is perhaps the company with the biggest variety of products and services in the instrumentation industry in our country. Direct scientific and technical support from qualified technicians and scientists in the field. 

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We represent some of the biggest names in the market such as BIORAD, TECAN, JASCO and GIBERTINI. Get in touch with us and find what suits your needs. We can serve from research and diagnostic laboratories to dairy, wine factories and the entire food and beverage industry.

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Connect with the scientific and analytical instrumentation world. Learn the latest news about our field and stay in touch with the latest technological developments.
Interlab Ltd. is one of the largest distribution and support companies
for laboratory scientific instruments, devices and on-line field analysers.
Operating since 1995.
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